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Old 18th December 2011, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by HyenaSean View Post
I like that you are calling Schleich an American-owned company. They are not--they were bought out by a German manufacturing consortium several years back. And that is precisely when they changed their production, distribution and sales model.

And I don't know if Bullyland is brave or foolish for staying with German producers--they aren't exactly taking the world by storm with their offerings. Overall, I don't think anyone really cares where they come from, as long as they get made and distributed (that last one is where Bullyland is a colossal failure).
When a manufacturer has its manufactures in countries where people are better paid and enjoy more safety, it costs automatically more from the owner, who has to cut somewhere else, like publicity or wide distribution. So, if I avoid the invading "made in China" label, I don't mind my buyings being shipped from Italy or Belgium. It's not a big con when I consider I'm buying something that is not made from cheap labor.

You see, on the net, I've read unbelieving stories about how Chinese workers are treated in manufactures where they work. They work at least 15 hours a day, when it's not 16 or 20 hours, when Christmas sales are coming in the Occident. All of it for about 1 per product finished. And if the product has any shortcomings because of exhaustion, the workers get severe sanctions for not having done a good work. In 1993, in a Hasbro manufacture in China, there had been a fire that caused 270 deaths. And you know why they died? Because the workers WERE LOCKED INSIDE! And let's not talk about Disney, who closed a manufacture in India because the women who worked there went on strike... because they were tired of being whipped when the working beat was getting slower after 15 hours of work. And what did Disney do? THEY CLOSED THE MANUFACTURE IN QUESTION. Beautiful from a company who releases those extremely sentimental, affected films we know. And I witnessed, on film (also on the net) the desperation of a whole group of french workers who were fired from Reynolds Pens manufacture in 2007... BECAUSE THE COMPANY HAD MOVED ITS PRODUCTION TO CHINA. Why did Reynolds do that? To get cheaper labor. So, after having seen the desperation of those French people, I can imagine what has been the sadness and anger of the Portugese and German workers who also lost their jobs because Schleich moved, like 1001 other companies, its production to China.

You see, if it's true that most customers don't care about the origins of a product as long as the product is made and distributed, it's unfortunately because they are ignorant of the conditions of the making of a product. If people knew everything that happens in Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, McDonalds or any other companies in their chinese manufactures, I don't think those companies would stay much longer in buisiness. And those companies do their best to keep those conditions in secret, believe me! They don't want their customers to know because they know the truth would cause scandals.
Anyway, there are already scandals when the products are toxic or unsafe, because manufacturers simply cannot absolutely control the quality of their stuff that is made in China. Neither Schleich, nor anyone else. For proof, remember when Mattel, in 2007, had to retire many thousands of dolls from the stores because there was lead in paint. Remember the scandal? It was on every TV channel at that time. And remember the scandal created by those horse-on-a-stick toys which also had to be retired from the market, because a child almost got killed strangled because the reins of the horse were too short for safety. All those toys were made in China. So, when a company claims "we sell pure quality and safety" while most of its products are made in China, how can I possibly believe them, I'm asking you? If they really wanted to sell pure quality, why doesn't the company has its manufactures in Spain, Portugal, Malta, Mexico, Germany, France, Japan or Tcheck Republic instead of China? See what I mean? All the countries I mentionned above have more strick regulations about safety than China. So, why having their production in China? Here is their true reason: to get things done for cheap. No matter the consequences... or the pain caused.
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