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Janette. 17th November 2014 03:40 AM

The Prince of Persia.
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I recently purchased the "Prince of Persia" figure from Ebay as he was a "must have" figure for my Arabian Nights theme and I could not leave acquiring him to the lucky chance involved in the Suprise figure packs. (especially as they are not available off the shelf here.)
He arrived a couple of weeks ago and has now been introduced to the Persian Palace where he immediately found his way to the roof top. I have a couple of photos.
I have a small display mostly just of figures with a token bit of building. I have not yet finished customising the palace. I last worked on it when I was in Sweden and only recently unpacked one of the Fairy Tale sets which I had bought for customising.:eek:

playmovictorian 17th November 2014 04:32 PM

These are wonderful Janette :smile:

What an exciting start to an exotic tale !

Cannot wait to see more of it :wink:

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