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Old 27th December 2011, 02:17 PM
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Default Santa came disguised as a postman!

On Christmas Eve I received a package from Harriet, I knew it was coming but she had mailed it on Monday so it only took 5 days from England to the west coast of USA!

Inside there were 4 figures, her wonderful gemsbok and three new figures, a gharial that is partially submerged for the stream in my Indian diorama, and a mother and cub sloth bear. They are perfect, her skills are growing with each new figure she produces, soon we will have the best animal sculptors in the world, just look at Ana's new Mojo figures, they put Mojo past Schliech in my opinion and Harriet is not far behind her in sculpting skills.

I put the new figures on the diorama and took a few photos, they came out ok, this is a new camera and I don't know yet how to use it, but here is what I have. The gharial is in 2 pieces, the head/shoulders/and a part of it's back and as a separate piece the end of the tail, in the stream it looks like it is hidden by the muddy water. Here is the head and back,

And the sloth bear and cub.

I'll get some better photos and when I do I'll post some more, enjoy!
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Old 28th December 2011, 04:27 AM
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You were a good person and Harriet's creations look really good and rather satisfied in their new surroundings.
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Old 28th December 2011, 08:11 PM
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Mad Nick
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