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Default find them here

animobil - playmobil animals of every kind

PlaymoDB - the UNOFFICIAL Playmobil database

CHAINOFDOGS - visit but don't be shocked,

PLAYMOBIL - the link to get to any OFFICIAL Playmobil site
Collectobil - very good for looking up sets

svencentral - a fun place to visit, some neat movies too

macgayver - a site with great customs and some other stuff

Playmobil Jeeps @ Jeepmobil - lots of jeeps and other fun stuff

playclicks or playforos - the forum from the sunny nation in Europe
playmofriends - the forum with a registration fee
playmoboys - another french forum with neat stuff
Klickywelt - the replacement forum for playmo-portal and it's in German

Customize it - The Sumo/Zilli's Customizing forum - it's in german but lots of good tips

Planete Playmo - neat french language Playmobil forum

Millionaire Playboy - the site with lots of toy news

Claudia Schott - Has both Playmobil and Play Big areas and a forum. A wonderful resource.

playmo-portal - an archival site with great pictures from Playmobil's home country

PlaymoBeach - the ultimate link page

Earth Calendar - holidays and celebrations around the World.

SCHLEICH - the official site

SAFARI LTD - the official site - A comprehensive Schleich site in German - another great reference site for more than just Schleich

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