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Originally Posted by jacquelientje View Post
There it is! I must have been about 10 years old when I got the white draught horse for my birthday, the one that is pulling the blue cart on the Farm 4 picture. This one was my absolute favourite toy out of all the animal models in my box. And that box was pretty large I've still got it. The paint is a bit damaged, but at least the horse is still in one piece, unlike the elephant
Cheer up! I didn't succeed in keeping my old toys undamaged either. When I was a child, I had that cute plastic animals set marked "made in Hong Kong". But since it was all made of hard plastic, here is the condition of my pieces:
Brown Bear: missing an arm.
Male Moose: became a female (lost its antlers) with just one ear.
Indian Rhino: missing a back leg.
Giraffe: missing its horns and an ear.
Bison: back leg and tail broken off (still have them).
Elephant: missing a front leg and an ear.
Gorilla: many paint wears.
Lion: many paint wears.
Tiger: completely lost its stripes.

See what I mean? With a line like that, I can never be proud of having a masterpiece collection...
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