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It's still boring! Every year there are changes to the rules and we are told that this will mean more exciting racing - and it never does! Racing is exciting when drivers overtake each other on the track, not because of when they time their pit stop. Of course, pit stops can contribute to the excitement, for example, when two drivers are racing closely on the track for a position and each has to stop, but otherwise, overtaking is most exciting on the track.

I can remember the mid-1950s and 1960s racing when the lead could change three or four times a lap (OK, not every race) and there was overtaking throughout the field, so you can understand my frustration. Still more frustrating is that the powers-that-be don't seem to be able to come up with a set of rules that will encourage/allow overtaking. The extreme aerodynamics of modern racing cars is the problem and that partly results from the technical design of engine at the back. Then, to limit the effect of aerodynamic design, rules are added to limit the effect of this! Remember how the thickness of a piece of wood under a £X million pound car at the end of a race can turn a winner into a loser? What is needed is a simple formula which would probably mean lower speeds (but how important is it that cars do 190mph or 160mph?) but more overtaking.

Here are some starting ideas:

1. Engine at the front.

2. Minimum weight limit.

3. No aerodynamic bolt-ons - if you can't design it in to the main body, you can't use it.
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