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Originally Posted by HyenaSean View Post
Why don't you just Google Steller's eagle?
Well, of course I did... trying to prove a point here!

Really, it's like asking why they keep making lions (an animal which I am well and sick of personally, but that's besides the point) and tigers and zebras, but still no one has made a cacomistle or margay or Saiga antelope. It's what sells, even in places where they are not especially appropriate (I'm guessing that Africa is not Schleich or Safari's #1 market for their African animals!)
And why is that what sells? It's because people don't know there are other species! That's just the thing - instead of just thinking "if people like lions, then lions they shall have", the companies could (and should, IMO) be saying "hey, customer? lions are cool and all, but guess what: here's an animal you probably haven't even heard of, and it's AMAZING."
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