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Originally Posted by Helen

I think you have omitted the part about your human taking you into the wet world - it makes me think that the last visit to that realm was slightly scarey, but never mind as sometime later all that can be divulged.

You're quit right Helen that I completly forgot about that but unless he makes sure I don't get pig-knapped during his diving adventures he's not allowed to go diving.

He does like the diving and mayby I will become know as the dive-pig, still have to get some advise from my auntie Miss Piggy after all she was the one who started "PIGS IN SPACEEEEEEE"

I was so exhited about the new board that I couldn't stop saying hello to everybody :oops: It could happen that I pull my human hairs to much and he will make some typos but that will get better in time :lol:

Disnoke :P
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