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Originally Posted by Bowhead Whale View Post
Yes, they have.

To get back to our lions, I'd say you're also a bit severe with the Bullyland one. After all, its pose is original and nowadays, you don't get many "Made in Germany" toys on the market anymore!
I guess I have NeoForms, who knew? They are kind of weird looking to me.

And honestly, I think it is rather ethnocentric or disingenuous to determine that 'better' and 'European' are automatically synonymous. There are a lot of terrible Schleich figures from the German days, and Bullyland has a lot of misses as well. On the Asian side, I don't think anyone would deny that Japanese companies like Kaiyodo and Kinto can make some amazing figures--even if they then produce them in China. Plus, I have plenty of really cool made-in-China figures that are worth more to me (and possibly to collectors) than much of my German Schleich stuff.
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