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Default New Papo buffalo

If you read the Safari post, I also recieved the Papo buffalo, so here are the pics of him, next to the Safari and Schleich African buffalo. The size is perfect for all three, with the Safari and Papo being just a tiny bit bigger then Schleich, and all of them are much bigger then the Treehouse Kids version. He isn't in the photo because I am still working on finishing his horns to make him a much younger version for the herd. I don't know why but in the pictures the Papo looks to be the smallest of the 3, but it is actually a little bigger then the Schleich and a bit smaller then Safari in height and length.

Here are a couple of photos, first just a pic of all 3 together.

Here is the herd facing the diorama, I'm thinking of moving them to the new part of the diorama where they will be on the edge of the scrub and moving toward the water hole. We will have to see once I actually put the new area up, for now they are up in the scrub, under the acacia tree.
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