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Default Eagles (or: How to alienate a nation)

*beep*ing eagles! I AM SO SICK OF BALD EAGLES!
There, I said it. Yes, I know they're an American symbol. And yes, I know it's thanks to this status they were saved from extinction. And I'm sure they're all lovely birds with great personalities.
But: They're not the only species of eagle in the world, so please, please, pleeeease, for the love of godzilla, can we have some other eagles now?

I can accept US companies like Safari giving us the odd bald eagle. I can even accept the other companies making one, once. It's when they decide to have no other species whatsoever I start to lose patience. Isn't showing nature's diversity a big part of the model companies' mission? People already picture Haliaeetus leptocephalus whenever they hear the word "eagle", even if they live on the other side of the globe and have other eagle species in their immediate vicinity.
(This rant, in case you hadn't guessed, is partly brought on by Schleich's decision to make a new bald eagle model in almost the exact same pose as the old one, without bothering to introduce any new birds we haven't seen a jillion times before.
And partly by my struggle to paint a Steller's sea eagle and... well, you try google image searching "eagle" and see how far back you have to go to find something besides a baldy. *groan*)
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