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You can email me at if you want, I don't always check this site daily so there may be times when I don't read a PM for a few days. My collection is very limited right now, I am living in California but my animals are in Florida so I don't have too many things that can't easily be cared for in my absence.

Normally I keep medium and large cats, I have had mountain lion, leopard, several others, but mostly I have cats like golden cat, serval, caracal and leopard cat. All of these are fairly easy to tame down, though none will ever be true pets. I also have several things like binterongs, a couple of antelope, a mother/son pair of zebra that are at a friends house, he has a male and 3 females but they all have the same father and different mothers, so my male is with his female and my female is with his male.

Here in California I have a few reptiles, when I was living in San Diego about 15 years ago I had a collection of over 300 reptiles and about 150 amphibians. I have also kept birds, never parrots but exotic game birds. they have to be able to live outdoors, with snow in the winter and take temps in the 100's in the summer. Right now I have 4 different species of Chinese pheasants, Swinhoe's, Lady Amhearst, Reeve's and silver, along with Asian swamphens, grey jungle fowl, Himalayan monals and both helmeted and vulturine guinea fowl. Right now the swamphens, jungle fowl and vulturine guinea fowl are at a friends house because they need some heat in the winter at nights and I am just now adding the heaters and thermostats to the barn where they sleep. I should have them back here by the end of this month. most of my pheasants are only a couple of months old, they are just getting their feathers so I have not taken photos of them yet, but here are a couple of photos of my yearling silver and Swinhoe's pheasants.

The other birds here are very young and don't show any color yet, but it will soon be spring and they eclipse molt, where they lose all of the feathers very quickly and they grow new ones just as fast so in a couple of months I will have some great photos of them as well.

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