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Actually I don't think of Bald Eagles first when I'm asked to think of what an eagle looks like. I think I think of Golden Eagles - and when I first saw a model of a "Bald Eagle" I thought "That's neat! A Fish Eagle".

Now that could be because I didn't grow up in North America and somehow a Golden Eagle was far more intriguing than a Fish Or Bald Eagle even though they are of similiar size. As a kid I would have loved to get a Harpy Eagle model because they looked as though they were trying to hide their eagle looks by wearing wigs.

There are differences between Fish and Bald Eagles, but they are remarkablely similiar in appearance and with a few minor changes all those extra Bald Eagles could easily become Fish Eagles. In fact,if you're lucky,you'll find a few Bald Eagles who've been painted by someone who actually thinks they're Fish Eagles. So because of these mistakes you have a Fish Eagle model to be proud of.

Thinking about the name "Bald Eagle" it really isn't a nice name at all because they're not bald and don't even look bald. So the name alone should be thought of as offensive.
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