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Default My second African shelf display: very simple, but I like it

As I told in my previous post, I’ve dismantled my “Euro-America” display that had delighted my eyes for more than 3 years. But the cabinet didn’t remain unoccupied – in a few days after setting up my “New World” display, I turned the empty cabinet into my second “Africa”.
I wanted to set up a very simple but good-looking display to accommodate my acacia and the surplus of my African animals. The task here was to spend as less time and efforts as possible.
To the moment the new “Africa” isn’t finished and not filled with all the animals I want. But I’d like to share step-by-step pictures of its initial creation.

First, I took down the upper (smaller) shelf and put it on the lower one. The results: 1) now there’s enough space for Schleich acacia; 2) there’s a gap clearance at the back wall of the cabinet which I will use for planting some greenery.

The second step – adding a water pool. I use blue semi-transparent garbage bag for this purpose:

Now let’s add some greenery at the background and a juniper “pedestal” to mark the waterside:

Pebbles and another piece of wood complete the river bank from the other side:

Now everything’s ready to accommodate the animals.

And here are the first inhabitants of my new Africa (more to come soon):

The croc is obviously enjoying his new spacious home:
Owners of miniature zoos on shelves, unite!
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