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Originally Posted by Andy DC View Post
Great items, when were these produced???
Some are from the 1960's and some from the early 1980's.

Originally Posted by Andy DC View Post
Thanks, are these schleich size or what?
They are supposed to be 1:32... But like Schleich, the scales are not always correct.
They are smaller than Schleich and more like Britains.

Originally Posted by dean089 View Post
Thanks folks. Yes, I was quite lucky to acquire these. I missed out on the WWF running oryx and a few others. The seller actually had two bongos; one of them, not mine, went for over $4,000! As I said, the bidding was VERY heated during the last few moments.
$4,000 ! Some people are really crazy. Give me the adress, I will find more Starlux to sale... An average serious price for a "as new" bongo is 30 and the highest price I saw in france was 221 and it was already too much...
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