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Originally Posted by drnarayanan View Post
Honestly speaking , I didn't find groass difference in Germany and China schleichs . Infact , some China versions were better than Germany ones.

Oflate, I could see that the new animals released from China are tremendously beautiful and outstanding. May be the schleich people focus complete attention on China as it is the sole production unit nowadays.

But as far the vintage animals are concerned , I was a big fan of Portugal and Germany versions .
I know Schleich chinese stuff can be outstanding; I have a few ones myself. But what I'm saying is, the brand "Made in China" is so common everywhere it seems logical to me to encourage "Made in Germany" and "Made in Portugal" Schleich products as much as we can. As well as all products made in other countries than China, whatever brand it is. China is slowly (quickly?) acquiring the monopoly of almost all manufactures in the world, and that's not fair for other countries. Other countries have the right to have manufactures as well. Why do you think Canada is not among the richest countries in the world anymore? Because many of their manufactures are now in China, which made many Canadians lose their jobs. Why do you think there is so much criminality in France? Because many of their manufactures are now in China, which means the French people have more trouble finding jobs. Why do you think there is less and less children born in North America? Because many people are now experiencing poverty and those same people refuse to give birth, avoiding their children suffering from the poverty from which they themselves suffered (it's my own case, in fact! I know what poverty is, and I refuse to have kids because I don't want to have kids who will suffer from economic insecurity like I did). Why do you think the rate of suicide is so high in Japan? Because japanese manufactures are getting rarer and rarer, which creates a wind of desperation in Japan.

All of it to tell you what a country monopolising manufactures is so wrong. And Schleich, as well as Safari ltd and CollecTa, encourage that situation. And it's not only about toys! Many clothes are now made in China, as well as electronic pieces, cooking material and tools. It seems the "American Dream" is dying, to be replaced by the "Chinese Dream"...
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