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Default Just Can't Say No!!!

OK, here we are, a bunch of collectors to who a piece of plastic or vinyl can be worth a gem. I'm like that, you are like that, and our homes all look like Toy Museums.
But as toy-hungry as we all are, especially toy-animal hungry, we all have favorites. We all have a kind of animal (or any kind of category) we just cannot say no to. While we all have collections of rare species, there is always ONE SPECIES (or one particular category) of which we have a lot more than just one replica.
So, I'm asking it: WHAT CAN'T YOU JUST SAY NO TO? Even if it's the cheapest made chinatoy brandless figure? Even if it's the most wallet-destroying figure? Is it dogs, is it lemurs, is it ship models? Is it bears, is it hippopotamuses, is it airplanes?

As for me, it's simple: I JUST CAN'T SAY NO TO A BOWHEAD WHALE TOY. In last August, on Ebay, I bought a whole bunch of sealife toys just because there was a bowhead whale among them. The bowhead whale is not 100% accurate, has large white eyes with those silly little black pupils, has a totally asymetrical tail fin, and is simply marked "Bowhead Whale Made in China". But it has that bow-like upper jaw, that white chin with tiny black spots around the throat and a finless back, just like any good bowhead whale. I just couldn't say no to that bowhead, just because it was a bowhead. Even if I already had a Larami Bowhead, a National Geographics Bowhead and another brandless Bowhead. I just had to have that other Bowhead.
What about you? What cannot you just say no to, even in the most undesirable circomstances?
What about you?
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