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General Chit Chat 19th November 2007 02:27 AM

2007 Annual Gem & Mineral Show
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Originally Posted by irnm2001
Next weekend we will be visiting the Annual Gem & Mineral Show. It will be the second year we go to it. My daughter goes crazy, as she is facinated with rocks and minerals we stop at each table and go over the stuff displayed....last year it took her around 30 minutes to choose what she wanted to buy. It will be interesting outing. the General will be coming with us.

Mad Nick

So we first I wasn't realy excitred about it, but we ended up having fun. The kids grand-father decided to join us for the visit. It all took place at the horse track (odd place to hold an Annual Gem & Mineral Show but then again thse are French Canadians :wink: ). It was alittle cold and very windy, I had to stay in Mad Nick coat pocket (remind me to talk to him about it...I saw things in there that scared me :eek: :biggrin: ). As I was saying the place was huge with over 75 sellers. We managed to take a few pictures when we walked in then the kids started runing all over the place and Mad Nick had to put the camera away. We saw rocks and minerals, you could actually buy little samples, any where fro $2 to $10. We also saw some worked on rocks that you can describe as art, the most expensice I saw was $1780. Ok it looked nice but come on, $1780 for a piece of rock (Crazy French Canadians I tell you :biggrin: ) We also saw some nice and very expensice jewleries, books on rocks and minerals, status carved in rocks and art made with cristals.

As expected the twins got some stuff. Camille got a neckless piece with her birthstone, the Garnet. She also got a very fancy and colorfull looking rock (she told me the name but I don't seem to be able to remember). she also got a little egg shaped egg cristal. Maxime got a couple of cristal balls (he seems to like them alot) and funky rock sample, if you put it under a UV light it glows. The twins also got a rok light each (a little smaler than the one on the attached pictures)

All and all it took a little over an hour, we saw a lot of amazing rocks and minerals. I would recommand it if you get a chance to visit one,

The first picture is as we got out of the car and were walking to the entrance. the people od the picutre the twins, the wife and the grand-father. The second and third picture are of me standing in front of some intersting objects

The General

Helen 21st November 2007 05:28 AM

I was really glad to read this report and especially after reading that you survived doing most of the trip in Mad Nick's pocket.

It does seem that you had a rather good time after all and having visited the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian I must say the minerals and gems can be very intriguing.

I never want to ride around in a scarey pocket, but would love to know more about the pocket you had to take the trip in.

(It could be information one of us could use sometime in the future)

Disnoke 21st November 2007 02:12 PM

any blackmail material in there ?? :wink:

It's good that he took you out despite his busy schedule, how's life for you for the rest, any more romance going on after the belly dancers ??

Disnoke :tongue:

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